My name is Yavor and I am a resident of the BILANI house. I am here entirely by my own wish because in a certain moment in my life I realized that my life is not full and is not what I wished it to be.
I have lived in a 5-member family with my brother and sister. Despite our humble financial situation, we lived well thanks to our relatives (grandmother, grandfather, uncle).

I was a smart kid and did well in school. But after 4th grade, my motivation disappeared and my grades collapsed. According to my relatives, the reason was that I was too lazy and was constantly playing games and didn`t care about anything else. For me, the fight disappeared with the change of environment – there was nobody to compete with. With the passing years I got too spoiled, I thought only of games and didn`t care about anything else. I became 14 and my sister left the family – that was very painful for me and I wasn`t myself for weeks. Later on I got a new computer that was a gift from my sister but….alas…a huge mistake….

Despite my new acquisition, I still went to computer halls for a while to play with friends. But after my brother left home too and went to study in a different city, all my wishes and motivation for development totally disappeared and I left school. My parents and especially my mother were trying to give me advice, but to no avail. Many years passed and the time came for military service. I got in with the hope that I will change at least a little bit and will stop playing. Alas – nothing new. I screwed up a couple of times but managed to get away with it. I was lucky to finish military service and went home as a grown man. I remember my father was very proud with me because I went through this challenge. He gave me a month to relax but I increased the time to a year and I only stayed in front of the computer. At 21 I graduated some course and starter work. I grew tired and slowed the games, but when I had more time I spent 24 or 48 hours with the computer games.

When I became 23, I suddenly realized that I think about one woman all the time and didn`t want to do anything else. I shared my feelings but the reaction was negative. The film from my games became blurred and I felt something was happening to me. I started looking for ways to get rid of the world in which only I was playing. I changed my living place all the time but without success – there were computer halls everywhere. With time all my friends and relatives threw me out of their companies and I became alone and not understood.

Later on I found myself in a class with 10 girls which for me was a complete shock from the beginning. With time I got used to them and for two months I had a great time, but something was eating me on the inside because I had to lie to them about everything related to me. Then they found out what I was about and stopped calling me.
I realized that I`m addicted to games and I need special help.

That is how I contacted Volen and they took me in very well. My relatives did not approve but I persevered and am here in BILANI for half a year now. I feel very well despite the hardships. I am slowly moving towards my goal and feel that I discover some traits in me that
I wasn`t even aware I had. Those are my positive traits that I couldn`t show while I was addicted.

With the help of the group here, I manage to change myself in a good direction and to think soberly about my life.