BILANI – therapeutic community for psycho-social rehabilitation and re-socialization of people with alcoholic, gambling and internet addictions!
Member of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities.
BILANI is one of a kind therapeutic community created entirely by former addicts, who graduated qualification courses and educational programs in this field. They themselves have been through the horror of addictions and already pass on their experience and knowledge to everyone who wants to keep on with their life….FREE and INDEPENDENT.
BILANI`s rehabilitation program aims to restore and maintain stable psychological and social activities of its participants. This is achieved through the implementation of a program that is developed by specialists in the field and certified consultants.
The work towards overcoming of addictions – the different drug addictions, alcoholism, gambling addiction, computer addictions etc., is done in several stages.
The approach of the BILANI therapeutic community is concentrated on the notion of change and healing of the addicted that aims for them to be people with stable state and free of psycho-active substances.
The place of the house – in the Bankya neighborhood, is specifically chosen for its good climate, fresh and clean air, and healing mineral springs which promote the good rehabilitation of the participants in the BILANI program.
The therapy in the program includes group sessions, individual consulting, educational seminars and lections.
There are additional opportunities for recreational and healthy activities such as fitness, swimming pool, horse riding, a hall for recreational games /darts, table tennis, foosball and others/, its own landing for street fitness and tourism.
BILANI`s program provides an opportunity for real recovery and return of each person to his real nature.