According to the definition by the World Health Organization this is a “psychological and sometimes physical condition resulting from the interaction between a living organism and a substance characterized by behavioral and other responses that always include an irresistible desire to take this matter continuously or from time to time, to test its psychic effects or to avoid the discomfort of its absence”.

Dependencies are overwhelming addiction to a substance (drug, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) or activity (overeating or gambling), as a result of physical or emotional dependency. Sometimes the natural methods of self-healing for quitting, although in severe cases professional help is required.

If you connect a particular action with a sense of pleasure, relief from stress or unpleasant experiences, you can acquire the habit of repeating it every time you experience difficulties or have a problem. Some addictions, such as smoking or alcohol abuse, are physically harmful to the body. But every habit, which becomes the dominant factor in the life of a man has a serious impact on the emotional health and may even constitute a danger to the family and others.