We need your help!

In social work there shouldn`t be any competition between causes, because each cause is important. How can we determine who needs more help – the children without a home and parental care, the disabled people, the elderly, the people with mental issues or the addicted?

And still, in our society, there is a cause which has fewer donors and less visibility in the social sphere – this is the work with drug addicts and alcoholic addictions.

Anyone of you who is empathetic to the addicted people and who wants to make a financial donation to support the functioning and existence of the program for the rehabilitation of addicts, can do this by bank transfer.

Behind every donation you make, stands the destiny of a human being who has decided to overcome his addiction. Your donations will help us continue our projects, to teach the addicts responsibility and skills to live in the society; they will also facilitate the independence of the participants in our program.

Bank account:

” Алианц Банк България” АД
IBAN: BG 38BUIN95611000311355
Код: BUIN9561

Those of you who wish to support us in a non-financial way, can contact us by our telephones: +359 897 23 58 54, + 359 893 68 59 99

If the donor wants to receive a Certificate for his donation and reports on the expenses made.

The whole team of the organization thanks our donors. Without their participation and timely intervention, our existence would not be possible.