The group of alcoholism includes any abuse of alcoholic beverages and alcoholic disease /chronic alcoholism, alcohol toxicomania/.

The group includes: acute alcoholic drunkenness /episodic and by habit/; systematic abuse without created dependence to alcohol and the alcoholic disease.

alcoholic-310x150When there is an alcohol disease there is insurmountable desire / craving / for alcohol and we can speak about it only in the presence of withdrawal phenomena. For the occurrence of alcoholism importance have the euphoria-inducing and soothing qualities of the alcohol. They create a crucial prerequisite for the desire and craving for alcohol. About 90% of people above 18 years of age use alcohol and about 5% of them develop addiction for it. An important role play the individual`s qualities, the psychological characteristics, the ability to adapt to the social environment, physiological characteristics, and genetic predisposition towards the use of alcohol. Influence have the nature and social environment, the customs and traditions, the economic state of the person, the gender and age. Not every misuse of alcohol is accepted as chronic alcoholism. Key indicators for alcohol addiction include change in the tolerance and development of withdrawal syndrome upon discontinuation of alcohol intake.
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