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The group of alcoholism includes any abuse of alcoholic beverages and alcoholic disease /chronic alcoholism, alcohol toxicomania/.

The group includes: acute alcoholic drunkenness /episodic and by habit/; systematic abuse without created dependence to alcohol and the […]


When we talk about drug addiction we have to make a clear separation between physiological and psychological addiction.
We talk about physiological addiction when the body protests due to the stopping of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms […]


According to the definition by the World Health Organization this is a “psychological and sometimes physical condition resulting from the interaction between a living organism and a substance characterized by behavioral and other responses that […]

Sincerely and personally Dimo

I am a 31-year old man. Ever since my early teenage years I have a problem with alcohol but I never realized it. In the beginning I gathered with friends to drink a glass or […]

Sincerely and personally Plamen


My fight is not only one – I fight my addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as myself. I want to change my habits and behavior and to accept to live in the […]

Yavor`s story

My name is Yavor and I am a resident of the BILANI house. I am here entirely by my own wish because in a certain moment in my life I realized that my life is […]