Therapeutic community for psycho-social rehabilitation and re-socialization of people with alcoholic, gambling and internet addictions!

BILANI is one of a kind therapeutic community created entirely by former addicts, who graduated qualification courses and educational programs in this field. They themselves have been through the horror of addictions and now pass on their experience and knowledge to everyone who wants to keep their life….FREE and INDEPENDENT.
BILANI`s rehabilitation program aims to restore and maintain stable psychological and social activities of its participants.
Much of the healing process in BILANI is concentrated towards understanding the importance of autonomisation in the development of individual skills.
BILANI`s program is based on the drug-free model of the therapeutic residences.
BILANI`s program is based on the healing process with duration of 9 months.
The different psychological researches, based on medical observations of the changes in the brain in this period, prove that the time factor allows the clients to learn behaviors and more adaptive coping strategies. The social activities and family life become more stable through the support and the structure of the program.
One of the main activities in the BILANI program is the motivational interventions.
Motivation plays an important role in people`s decision to change their behavior and the use of substances. It is a state of readiness for change, which can be influenced by appropriate therapeutic intervention. The clients are motivated to a different extent and their state of motivation changes in time and circumstances. It is proven that a person`s motivation can be influenced by what is the attitude towards him by the environment in which they live.
The program uses highly structured model of treatment. It works in accordance with the standards for good therapeutic practice and the principles of autonomy and confidentiality for the clients and their families.


– First stage: Rehabilitation – accommodation at the BILANI house in the Bankya area, the village of Klisura, for a period of 9 months
– Second stage – Re-socialization – accommodation at a protected home in Sofia and attendance of a day center of BILANI`s program for a period of 5 months
– Third stage – monitoring for a period of 6 months
*18 years of age
*Undergone detoxification / in a detoxification process under medical supervision
*Diagnosed addiction
*Health assessment by a doctor
*Signed contract for participation in the program
*Consultation with a psychiatrist for lack or establishing of double diagnosis
The group therapy is in several therapeutic models:
*Groups for psycho-dynamic therapy
*Cognitive-behavior therapy
*Prevention of relapse
*Coaching of social skills
*Interactive groups
*Focus groups
Protection of public health by limiting and denying of use and substance abuse, promotion of healthy lifestyle, raise awareness among parents, teachers, citizens and the public about drug use.